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We Bring the Funny and More

Your Attendees are nodding off, people!  


We've seen it.  We bet you have, too.


There needs to be at least some bit of humor, or the event is too dry.  It will grow tedious or somber. You need the funny. We Bring the Funny.   


Look, no one walks out of an event complaining the they enjoyed themselves too much.


Enliven every event with We Bring the Funny, your entertainment and comedy solution.

Improv Group


We make up the funny right in front of your face.

Improv is one of the best ways to entertain your guests as well as to leave a lasting impression on something they need to learn.

Mime Artists


We turn your entire meeting or event into our stage.

Nothing jump starts an event like the sudden appearance of live characters.  We've got them ready to go or build to suit.

Actors on Stage


We get the message heard in your very own show.

When you want to say something to the team, say it with humor.  Let our team write a show based 100% on your needs and watch the laughs roll in.

Speaker with a Poduim


We bring it front and funny when you need a host.

Whether you need a host for your entire meeting or just a segment, a Monologue, Interviews, Top 10 Lists, we bring it all.    

Microphone on Sound Board


We are literally the voice of your show.

Voice overs help to get the message conveyed professionally and masterfully and we can do it pre-recorded or live depending on your needs.

Boot Camp


We help build your team stronger!

Team building is one of the best ways to bond workmates.  Our sessions break down walls and open communication through exercises and laughter.

Female Lecturer


We bring a unique way of learning that will empower your group.

Our experienced facilitators use the tenets of Improvisation to build better cooperation in the workplace.

Creative people brainstorming in meeting


We bring the brains to complete your pre-planning sessions.

Our experienced facilitators will lead your team through a creative brainstorm session that will lead to your best event.



We bring what you need to make your event extraordinary.

We're comedians, not mindreaders. Have a need that we didn't list here, but sounds like it's up our alley?  Reach out!

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