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The We Bring the Funny Story

We Bring the Funny are the guys who know “what”.

Jake, Steve, and Mary have spent years writing, performing and hosting corporate events and meetings.  So often they would be hired by producers and planners who weren’t sure what might work best, or what the client truly wanted, or what the client needed. 

It was these guys job to figure out the “what” and to make it happen. 

Finally one of them said, “sfjiecbnj rsbde”.   The other two said, “Swallow your food!”  The first one said, “Gulp, sorry.  Let’s not wait around for someone to maybe hire us to figure out the ‘what’. Let’s be the guys who know ‘what’. Is there lettuce in my teeth?

Thus, We Bring the Funny was born.

Steve Purnick
Co-Founder & CEO

Steve Purnick is a writer, actor, improviser and corporate entertainer.  He performed for years at The Comedy Warehouse at Walt Disney World, and has toured with Wayne Brady and Rita Rudner.  Steve is very proud to have two eyes and a face.

Mary Thompson Hunt

The multi-faceted Mary Thompson Hunt is an actress, improviser, comedian, teacher, corporate facilitator, trainer and host.  Somewhere between the 15,000 shows she performed at The Comedy Warehouse at Walt Disney World, she earned her Master’s Degree in Strategic Leadership and has brought her brand of training to clients as diverse as Kaiser Permanente and The Girl Scouts of America. Mary enjoys stealing Jake’s jokes and pawning them off as her own.

Jake Lockwood

Jake Lockwood is a freelance writer, director, educator and actor. He has written and directed shows and/or developed attraction scripts and storylines for nearly every major theme park in the United States. Jake continues to share his love of acting and improvisation as a director and educator with multiple theatres in the Mid-west…and is thrilled to be an Adjunct Acting Professor at Wright State University. In his spare time, Jake enjoys stealing Steve’s jokes and pawning them off as his own.

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