Are your attendees as awake and engaged as the ones in this stock photo?

Bring laughter to your next event with We Bring the Funny
Who are We?


We Bring the Funny is a team of comedians, writers and improvisers who are dedicated to bringing laughter, fun and energy to live meetings and events.  With a combined 12,000 years of experience in corporate entertainment, the team is, smart, clean, professional and (on most occasions), funny.

What Do We Bring?


Really, people?  It’s in the name.  But we bring more than just laughs.  We bring ease and professionalism to your client’s experience. From Improv to customized comedy, to training and hosting, we are talented comedians, writers, and facilitators.  Just click below to see our product menu.  Go on, do it.  Why are you still reading?

How Do You Start?

Whether you ned a quick out of the box solution or a fully customized show that fits your clients' needs, we have a proven process that guarantees you get what you need.

We don't joke about the product.  We are here to make you look good.


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